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Previous Initiatives


KSU participated in a project funded by a National Science Foundation: ADVANCE Partnerships for Adaptation, Implementation, and Dissemination (PAID) Award: “PROMOTE – Improving the promotion to full processes at Western public universities” (Award #: HRD-0820273). The Principal investigators were Kimberly A. Sullivan (Utah State University), Ann Austin (Utah State University), Beth A. Montelone (Kansas State University), Dana Britton (Kansas State University), and Cynthia Zoski (New Mexico State University).

Equity Action Workshops

Equity Action Workshops were organized for the administration and faculty of the NSF ADVANCE Program colleges and partner departments. They provided participants with greater understanding of gender issues and how to address those issues so that they would be prepared to create a more equitable working climate across the K-State campus.

Policy Review and Revision
Policies have been being analyzed to address issues such as faculty leave, tenure and promotion, and recruitment. An established policy ensures that the burden of increased duties is distributed fairly, and includes appropriate elements of reciprocity.

Career Milestones for Academic Personal Success (Career MAPS)

Career MAPS is envisioned as a “hire-to-retire” program. Deans and department heads work with women faculty members at all ranks to develop long-term career plans.

Work/Life Resources Website

The Work/Life Resources Website is a central, highly visible, and easily accessible website that contains a collection of K-State and community resources of particular interest to women. This website will include: integration of personal and professional resources in one location, ability to search for information on specific needs, and a compilation of strategies to negotiate work-life balance issues.

Career Advancement Program for Tenured Women in Science & Engineering (CAP)

This initiative provided funds for tenured women in all SEM departments to undertake a professional development activity (research or administrative) to be undertaken with the cooperation of a mentor or mentors.
CAP Awardees

Recruiting to Expand Applicant Pools (REAP) [College of Engineeering]

This initiative provided partial funding for search committees, department heads, and individual faculty members to develop active recruiting efforts targeting underrepresented faculty.

Research Enhancement Visits (REV) [College of Engineering]

The REV program encourages interaction between women faculty members and disciplinary leaders in their fields by funding travel to conferences, research laboratories, or funding agencies.
REV Awardees

Professional Development Program [College of Agriculture]

The college of Agriculture Professional Development Program provided funds to support tenure track and tenured women faculty members for focused professional development opportunities.
Professional Development Program Awardees

Career Enhancement Opportunities Initiatives (CEO) [College of Arts & Sciences]

The CEO program provided funds to support tenure-track women in science/mathematics/social science departments of the College of Arts & Sciences for qualified professional development opportunities.
CEO Awardees

Parallel Paths [College of Veterinary Medicine]

Parallel Paths was a group mentoring program to foster the development of junior faculty and sustain the productivity of senior faculty.

Internal Advisory Board (IAB) Departmental Initiatives

The ADVANCE Program sponsored two rounds of funding to “partner departments” who undertook program initiatives that include review and revision of departmental policies, procedures, recruiting literature, and websites, with an eye toward identifying subtle bias, inequities, and exclusion of women and members of other underrepresented groups.

Website Review and Revision

College and departmental websites were studied and revised to ensure acknowledgement of diversity.