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Postdoctoral Travel Applications

The Kansas State Office for the Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering (KAWSE) is pleased to issue the Request for Proposals for the spring 2019 competition for the ADVANCE Postdoctoral Researcher Travel Funds. One awards of up to $500 will be provided by the KAWSE Office toward the expenses associated with presentation at a conference. 

Postdoctoral Researcher Travel Fund Application (PDF)

The travel award application deadline is March 7, 2019 by 5 p.m. 

Postdoctoral Travel Award Report Form (doc)

Please complete and submit this form within one month of the travel to:
Tawny Ochs, ADVANCE Program, 1011 Seaton Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506-0305 or email it to tawnyochs@ksu.edu 


Remittance Form (doc)

For awardees only. This form should be completed to request speaker reimbursements.

Eligible Departments (PDF)

Sample Application (PDF)

Sample Application 2 (PDF)