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This award honors exceptional efforts undertaken by a K-State faculty or staff member to enrich girls’ and women’s lives in STEM disciplines. Recipients will be recognized with an engraved plaque and a $500 award.

Recipients of the KAWSE Award:

Beth Montelone - 2016

Amy Betz - 2016

Brenee King - 2017

Anita Cortez - 2018

Amanda Gaulke - 2019



Any K-State faculty or unclassified professional staff member

Criteria for Nomination

Evidence of demonstrated exceptional efforts to enhance women’s lives in STEM, and thereby to enhance the diversity and efficacy of STEM universally may include, but is not limited to, two or more of the following:

  • Outstanding contributions to GROW, EXCITE, SUCCEED, or ADVANCE programs
  • Development of new, innovative programs
  • Development of activities that support partnerships across programs
  • Published research on girls and women in STEM

Nomination Process

Any K-State faculty or unclassified professional staff member, may be nominated by a colleague, department head or other administrator. The nomination must include information on how the individual has enriched the lives of women in STEM disciplines. Nominations will be reviewed by a screening committee. Individuals who have previously received this award will generally not be eligible for a subsequent award within a three-year time period.

Contents of Nomination Packet:

  • Letter of nomination from an administrator or faculty or staff member describing in detail why the nominee is deserving of the award (maximum of two pages)
  • Relevant materials, such as published research, program or activity descriptions

Time Frame

Mid-January - call for nominations on ADVANCE listserv

March 1 (or first workday in March) - nomination materials due to kawse@ksu.edu by 5pm. Subject line should read: Nomination for KAWSE Recognition Award

March- review of materials by KAWSE Award Screening Committee

Early April- meeting of KAWSE Award Screening Committee

End of April- announcement of KAWSE Award recipient

September- honoree recognized at KAWSE’s Women’s Recognition Ceremony